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You are standing in an alleyway.

There is a poster on the side of a building, a trash can, and a small puddle.

Your name is Coak, although you do not realize it yet, you are about to embark on a great journey.

What do you do?

> Check inside the trash can.

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15/09/26 - "Wile: Survey the area fro..."
15/09/26 - "Ninian: Activate high fre..."
15/04/18 - "Activate Neventian Shift ..."
15/04/18 - "Be the blue haired bitch."
15/04/18 - "Switch to Dining Room Cam..."
15/04/18 - "Ninian: Check the kitchen..."
15/04/18 - "Ninian: Use the security ..."
15/04/18 - "Myst: Triple Juke Prairie..."
15/03/14 - "Sultry: Sneak in the back..."
15/03/10 - "Next."
15/03/10 - "Retreat to the basement!"
15/03/10 - "Lucas: Divine Interventio..."
15/03/08 - "Ninian: Righteous Destruc..."
15/03/08 - "Ensue Shitstorm."
15/02/27 - "Lucas: Investigate."
15/02/27 - "Ninian: Escape!"
15/02/03 - "Next."
15/02/03 - "Next."
15/02/03 - "Ninian: Check the front d..."
15/02/03 - "Next."
15/02/03 - "Meanwhile..."
15/02/03 - "Flashwave: Check on your ..."
15/02/03 - "Be the flash kid."
15/01/31 - "secret2@zeniea.com:~$ Nex..."
15/01/31 - "secret2@zeniea.com:~$ Nex..."
15/01/31 - "secret2@zeniea.com:~$ Nex..."
15/01/31 - "secret2@zeniea.com:~$ Nex..."
15/01/31 - "Next."
15/01/31 - "Next."
15/01/31 - "EzR: Exclaim your evil pl..."
15/01/31 - "zR: Become a villain, ena..."
15/01/31 - "zR: Cry in the corner."
15/01/31 - "zQuest Readers: Mourn the..."
15/01/13 - "[S] Nookls: GIVE EM THE O..."
14/12/04 - "OH, BUT I KNOW YOU MUST B..."
14/12/04 - "ALLOW ME TO EXPLAIN"
14/12/03 - "TO MY LAIR"
14/12/03 - "WELCOME"
14/12/03 - "Nookls: Look for a shorcu..."

07-01-15: sql dump. Hey everybody, unfortunately Zeniea was hacked. Again. I feel like no matter how far along I come in this websites life span and no matter how much social contact I limit from other internet people I still have fucking shitheads come after me, so unfortunately the backup we have is only from 4/20. I have all the physical pages beyond what is present (621) up until 634 so we are not too bad off. I'll do my best to get these pages back up again. They won't be as they originally were but tis the life of Zeniea...

04-18-15: It's been quite sometime since we've had a news post. I'll begin updating again now since I've been busy with some other projects lately. If you check the zeniea twitter you'll see that a flash animation I had planned on was abandoned. Perhaps I'll post the remains of it in below sometime? I'll provide details on zQuest Micro as soon as I know the status of it, Beyond Zeniea is going to be implemented very soon, and this is all you need to know about Heidi.

11-16-14: [Please Read] HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZQUEST!!! [Please Read]

11-12-14: There's been a new feature added to the quest functionality called "Author's Note" where you can drop down a little box, and it'll have some text written by me about the page, how it was made, explanations, and anything else worth putting in. It's not apart of the story but rather just a story enhancer. As of right now not all pages have it, but soon they will.

11-04-14: Bonus tracks Heidi's Theme and Nicole's Theme added to the soundtrack.

11-04-14: Wow, I've managed to update pretty frequently, huh? Anyway with Halloween and Skeleton War behind us we are moving onto the riveting intermission, Nookls Quest. Enjoy the new intermission everyone!


09-28-14: Kate, Autumn, Nicole: Play an EXTREME GAME OF CHESS.

09-13-14: Justin: Buy Flashii.net.

07-19-14: zQuest Soundtrack available HERE!!!

06-28-14: Flashwave made a RSS Feed for subscribing to zQuest updates!

06-19-14: Happy Birthday Lord Scriminamp!

06-06-14: Added the Suggestions Box. Thanks Flashwave!

04-19-14: Autumn: Play a Visual Novel.

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