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You are standing in an alleyway.

There is a poster on the side of a building, a trash can, and a small puddle.

Your name is Coak, although you do not realize it yet, you are about to embark on a great journey.

What do you do?

> Check inside the trash can.

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14/04/20 - "[Mysterious Setting]"
14/04/20 - "Lucas: Leave the bathroom..."
14/04/20 - "Flashwave: Actualize nook..."
14/04/20 - "Hide in the bathroom."
14/04/20 - "Lucas: Go to locker."
14/04/20 - "Wile: Hit on the hot blon..."
14/04/20 - "Go talk to Autumn."
14/04/20 - "Go to your locker."
14/04/19 - "Select Character: Lucas."
14/04/19 - "Flashwave: Make an offer."
14/04/19 - "Jacob: Terminate ruse."
14/04/19 - "??: Orchestrate ruse."
14/04/19 - "Jacob: Go inside and get ..."
14/04/19 - "Kate: Stop being a landsh..."
14/04/18 - "Kate: Become a landshark."
14/04/18 - "Jacob: Say hi to Kate."
14/04/18 - "Find the source of the so..."
14/04/18 - "Go lizard hunting."
14/04/18 - "Put on your parka."
14/04/18 - "Select Character: Jacob."
14/04/18 - "??: Approach boy."
14/04/18 - "Get scared and hide like ..."
14/04/18 - "Find your way out of the ..."
14/04/18 - "Grab the backpack and run..."
14/04/18 - "Get up and catch the bus."
14/04/18 - "Run outside."
14/04/18 - "Check the time."
14/04/18 - "Feed Jasper."
14/04/18 - "Head downstairs."
14/04/18 - "Check CaspaDex."
14/04/18 - "Select Character: Ninian."
14/04/18 - "Next."
14/04/06 - "Be the human boy."
14/04/06 - "Save progress before leav..."
14/04/06 - "Nicole: Revive Minath."
14/04/06 - "Sleepover Squad: Level Up..."
14/04/05 - "Autumn: Do a clever thing..."
14/04/05 - "Kate the Kidney: Commence..."
14/04/05 - "Next."
14/04/05 - "Next."

04-19-14: Autumn: Play a Visual Novel.

04-17-14: I've added a bar in the top left for new visitors to the site. It has the New Reader page and the Help page and you can dismiss it by clicking hide. I've put a content warning on the new reader page since I realized some of the things in zquest can be a bit offensive for some and I should put a fair warning somewhere.

04-01-14: /szs/ - Shit Zeniea Says :^)

03-29-14: It's the return of the ACMLMBoard forum! Time to no longer take the internet seriously again. I highly prefer ACMLM but since Pentium44 deleted the database for the old board I lost a lot of good memories. Hopefully new memories are made with this board though.

03-25-14: Added searching functionality to the Logs Page.

03-18-14: Updates are going to be temporarily suspended (again) because I have unfortunately broken my wrist and there's basically no way I can make panels. I'll still try to keep up to date with the halext blog (though I haven't posted since I broke my wrist lmao) but just know that I'm not gone, I'm just broken.

Also the chat is indefinitely suspended and I will probably off the forums soon too. If you want some autistic cesspool to talk on an AJAX Chat at go to Cybernetics.

02-25-14: Added the Adventure Map.

02-25-14: zQuest is finally unPAUGED! The new CMS has been implemented and the pages have been ported over successfully. Normal updates will now continue! Huge shoutout to Flashwave because without him making the cms zQuest would basically be dead right now! Hopefully everyone enjoys all the new updates! Thanks for sticking around through the hiatus! Also would be a good idea to reread the comic because the first chapter has been almost completely redrawn! It's much better now.

02-22-14: Added the Help Page

02-21-14: Hey everybody! Notice anything different about the site? I applied to J-List to become an affiliate and they accepted! I've set up various ads from J-List across the site now and the best thing is they are not obstructing at all! They are pretty simple banners and I really like them! I think I might set them up on halext or even the forum, haven't decided yet. Huge thank you to anyone who clicks the ads and buys things through them!

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