I'm gonna attempt to write a thing right now.

If you asked me a year ago what I think Zeniea would be in a year, I definitely wouldn't have saw this. Honestly I thought I would've given up on zQuest a long time ago. The fact that it's made it this long is amazing. So thank you to everyone who has believed in me over this past year.

Let me give you a little blast to the past. When I was a little kid I used to draw this little characters called furballs and put them in little comics. They had loads of adventures in this imaginary world called Pegasia. When I'd go outside to play there was this little forest I'd play in which I pretended was apart of Pegasia. It was all really fun and I hold these memories dear to my heart.

Years and years later I'm still drawing all these stupid characters in Pegasia. You know, zQuest isn't even that popular right now. I hope that it'll expand as we progress into 2015 but I'll be quite frank with you. If no one ever read zQuest besides me I wouldn't even mind. I make this comic for myself and I love to see these characters come to life.

I look back on the events in Spring of this year as a blessing to be honest. If you don't know the story a user by the name of Pentium44 was developing a new backend system for Zeniea and zQuest, but after getting angry at me over some really dumb shit he used his access to my server to delete all of Zeniea. That was almost 3 years worth of my website that had been completely destroyed.

The only thing that survived that event was a few inconsistent backups, and zQuest. After that zQuest become the main focus of the site and an amazing friend by the name of Flashwave coded the current backend and still works on it today. If it wasn't for this beautiful son of a bitch and his hard work I don't know where Zeniea would be today.

A history suddenly destroyed. In time, another created.

So yeah, lamenting the loss of a community driven website that once was is outside of my priorities. I do my best to look forward, to the future. I'm extremely grateful for everything that has happened and everyone who has supported me along the way.

Enough of all the sappy shit though, this is what you want!

:::: zQuest: The Game ::::

Alright so around Chapter 2 talk started spreading about "zQuest game when" and at the time I was like maybe someday but now that I see how much I can apply myself to make those fancy flash animations I feel like this idea is closer and closer to becoming reality. I have no idea how but now begins the "figuring it out" phase.

So I'm basically going to dump all the ideas I had on you now.

The zQuest game will be developer initially for a computer platform. I don't see how else we will be able to port it onto other platforms unless significant popularity is gained so we are staying small and indie. It's going to be a top-perspective adventure game where you take the role of a male or female protagonist who has never been featured in the zQuest comic. These characters are apart of their own story and above all else you do not need to read zQuest to enjoy the game.

The game will take place far into the future (or if we think fourth dimensionally, it's happening right now!) in the 11th dimension where halext laboratories is. Our players will crash land at the laboratory which is now long abandoned and find their way through it's inner-workings. It will be very Super Mario 64 style where you enter portals left behind by the old scientists to visit other worlds, time periods, and even dreams! These portals can lead to any world or point in the zQuest timeline, but will never interject with the actual canon of zQuest.

Through the exploration of the facility, our player will soon realize the fate that the scientists succumbed to long before their arrival, eventually unraveling one of the biggest mysteries through the entire zQuest Multiverse. Needless to say, the story will be complicated and weird.

I believe I want the combat system to be a Pokemon/Final Fantasy style thing, specifically with a gimmick that develops on the Hexad Mode concept. There are a lot more ideas I have however sharing them would just simply be revealing too much. So here's the part where I reach out to YOU, the reader.

Making a game takes hard work, and money. Okay I might not need money right now but really donations are always appreciated. Anyway, if you've read zQuest and you're interested in the concept I'd request that you email me or contact me on Skype (phoine266) to tell me what you are capable of or whatever.

I know this is super preachy to ask for help like this, but it's not like I'm not putting in any effort. I want this game to become a reality just as much as the next guy, but I'm only one guy. I've got Flashwave, Nicole, and a few other friends who help with zQuest but at the base of it, it's just me. So capable of game development or not, the best thing you can do is help make zQuest known. We can only improve from here.

But I digress. Thanks for a year of questing everybody.