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Below Zeniea

Oh goodness, you've tripped and fallen below what you are normally allowed to see on zeniea.
There's a lot to do here, though you can't imagine why you would want to stick around down here.

Here's some old recreations of old Zeniea homepages.

Camora - my original website before zeniea
4zen - anime oriented version of zeniea
craitious - the (abandoned) webcomic before zquest
impasse - zeniea's 1 year anniversary
zendark - few months after impasse
zenext - halext.org labs ripoff homage
VortexLabs - mrtux's old website hosted on zeniea
ZNet - the old zeniea social network

Here are some documentations on OGQuest elements.

Battles - explaining the battle systems in zquest
Inventories - explaining the inventories in zquest so far
Temporal Modus - explaining the way time flows in zquest

Text articles about "the circle" and all it entails.

Summary - Users - Websites - Impact

Here are all the fan-requested story commands.
These are drawn and posted here if you make a donation!

Autumn: Play a Visual Novel.

Happy Birthday Lord Scriminamp!

Kate, Autumn, Nicole: Play an EXTREME GAME OF CHESS.

Justin: Buy Flashii.net.