Under construction etc


What is Zeniea?
Zeniea.com is a domain for the ip address, even if you try you can't hack me faggots. Im behind 7 proxies ;P

Regardless of how mislead this site was and is it will retain a point for as long as my OCD will allow me. If you will behold upon our top menu bar there is many a-stuff for you to look at

Just remember, Zeniea is a community of assholes so this place isn't for the faint of heart. Also i would suggest if you decide you want to endure the darkness you might wanna be conscious of veteran members

So after almost a year of development, hopefully it will be worth the weight :)

Newsy type stuff and things that matter
2/11 - New theme i made, hopefully this one lasts or i will kick a baby puppy etc

2/12 - "Account Expires In 362 days." WE GOT ANOTHER YEAR OF FAGGOTRY