That costs 17 niggers

This is where the comic will be, this is the basic layout for now.

[12:38] Ninian: Shut up you incompetent coward.
[12:39] Jacob: Faggot.
[12:39] Myst: 卍卍卍卍卍卍卍卍卍卍卍卍
[12:40] Lucas: That's so offensive...
[12:42] GhastlyFigureDemonGuy: Aw come on man don't be a party shitter.
[12:45] Evangeline: I am so done.
[12:45] Luther: Done with what...?
[01:07] NPC: I am error.
[01:12] Wile: Yo, what do dis here even do? ya'll is mad stupid.
[01:13] Cindy: You one of those guys that does it till it hertz?
[01:14] Euclid: The fuck did you just say about Gaben? Not only is Gaben alpha as fuck on a behavioral level, but he is also handsome and a genius who is crucibles higher than most normal men. His body, while it appears to be rather large around the abdominal region, is trained and hardened to levels usually only seen in Olympic athletes or United States special operations forces. I once saw Gaben disarm a would-be assassin sent by Electronic Arts. He moved swiftly, like a panther ambushing an autistic chimpanzee. The only reason you can post shit about Gaben on the internet is due to his alpha as fuck personality and his practically endless amount of altruism and forgiveness. The man himself suffers personally due to the heavy burden placed on his shoulders as savior of modern man. It's through pure force of will that Gaben drives on to protect us from things that most normal men would shit themselves just hearing about it. Gaben will lead us to the promised land and when he does, you'll learn just how ignorant and foolish you were when you wrote that comment.