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Happy Birthday Lord Scriminamp!

This command was for Scriminamp's 17th birthday!!!
This command takes place somewhere in the outer reaches of time and space.

Nookls: This is too fun guighs.
RandomGuy: Isn't furball supposed to be here?
Flashwave: That fucker never shows up for this type of shit anymore.
Flashwave: Some nigga bullshit.
Scriminamp: I'll go to his place real quick and see what he's doing.

Scriminamp: Yooo freaky?
Scriminamp: Freaakkyyyyyy?!
Scriminamp: Where the hell is he?

Scriminamp: Hey freaky where are you?
freakyfurball: Hey I need you to meet me at the old beta zeniea wastelands.
Scriminamp: It's my fucking birthday.
freakyfurball: It wasn't a request nigger.

Scriminamp: What the hell is that?
freakyfurball: It's a time machine!!!!!
Scriminamp: but why
freakyfurball: It's your birthday present!!!!!
Scriminamp: How did you manage this?
freakyfurball: It runs on the most raw form of temporal energy I could find.
freakyfurball: Memes.
freakyfurball: :^)
Scriminamp: Oh god why?
freakyfurball: Only problem with meme power is the radiation.
freakyfurball: It influences you and the time period you travel to to be shrouded in memes.
freakyfurball: Too much meme radiation and you might mutate into a...
freakyfurball: MEME GOD :^)

le funny trolling maymay: WHY YOU STEAL MEMES?
freakyfurball: maximum ow

Scriminamp: OH NOOOOOOO

*high quality time travel animation intensifies*

Scriminamp: Oh what the fuck
Scriminamp: Ain't this a bitch
Scriminamp: I guess I'll just use the time machine to go back to the future.

Are you shitting me?