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Autumn: Play a Visual Novel.

This command was sponsored by a donation of $11.00 from thexzoron!
This command takes place after zQuest has ended!

Kate: So what gay shit are we doing today?
Autumn: We're gonna play a visual novel!
Kate: The hell is that?
Autumn: It's a type of game on the computer where you read a story and make decisions for the main character that have to do with romance and stuff.
Autumn: A dating simulator basically.
Kate: Sounds like something only neckbeards and weebs play.
Autumn: Well considering I played your stupid crab nicholson game and that nearly killed us on several different occasions.
Kate: Again with the "you turned us into sub-dimensional war criminals!!!" shit.
Kate: Never gonna drop that one are you Autumn?
Autumn: I'm not mad, but it's still a valid complaint.
Autumn: Sonare gave this to me and said it would be a funny game.
Autumn: It's a dating simulator but for furballs!
Kate: Haha what the fuck really?
Autumn: Yes let's try it!