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Nicole: Good evening, ladies.
Kate: About time you showed up!
Kate: Mute mouth DeBORING was really getting me down.
Autumn: Is that supposed to be a play on of Deborah?
Nicole: You kinda ruined it by asking.
Kate: Yeah Autumn, stop being so blonde all the time.
Autumn: I literally do all of your homework.
Nicole: Must suck still having to go to school.
Kate: Yeah, everyone's all bummed out about Seinfeld still.
Autumn: Good fucking riddance.
Kate: Half the time I don't even go anymore, I just walk out.
Kate: I've probably been absent more days than not this semester.
Nicole: See that'd be okay if you were in college like me, because then it's just money you're throwing away.
Autumn: Are you sure that's the stance you're going to stick with there?
Nicole: I know my shortcomings.
Kate: Well we have a bag full of cool science shit so if you'll do us a favor and escort Deb out of dodge, we can get this extreme motherfucking sleepover rolling!
Nicole: Alright, alright. I'll go talk to her.
Autumn: Let's head upstairs, Kate.

> Nicole: Enter the Kitchen.

> Autumn: Escort Kate upstairs.

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Revive Zeniea 2017: Ego Alternate

posted on Friday, June 16, 2017

Updates are going great! Hope everyone is enjoying the Crab Nicholson Extreme Sleepover game!
In the meantime you may have noticed I've implemented Google Adsense. Please don't over click the ads. We want natural traffic. I've also set up a Patreon for Zeniea. Go support me! I'm moving out of Missouri to Illinois on June 24th, so the next few weeks are going to be hectic on my wallet. I'd like to get more people reading zQuest. This is revive Zeniea 2K17 bitches.

The Portal, New Map, and more!

posted on Sunday, June 4, 2017

So far the launch of zQuest Multiverse has been great! Five pages of great!
No, seriously though, I'm keeping it consistent this time around with the updates so we don't go months without questing to do like in the past. I've also made some new adjustments to the site. If you click the Portal[+] on the menu it'll expand what I like to call "zQuest Bonus Features."
There's still much to be done there but check it out if you wanna see some cool shit.
The Map page has now been revamped so it displays what location the characters are in from the comic panel you are on. From any page in the comic, try clicking the map icon to see where you are and what's going on. It might help you understand your situation completely to make the right decision!

AfterCredits Creation and Update Schedule

posted on Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Only two more days until zQuest: Multiverse comes to the light. With that I have an announcement to make. The theoretical Halext Labs has partnered with AfterCredits Creations to help with future zQuest ventures. I'll still be the main overseer of zQuest as a creative entity, but now there is possible of guest artists and animators in the new choose your own adventure story!
I also have the update schedule for the month of June and this is final unless I change my mind, obviously.

OGQuest and zQuest: Multiverse, there's a difference.

posted on Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Official announcement to anyone that cared about the original zQuest. It's been discontinued. It now exists in a frozen temporal state known as OGQuest. I decided to do this since there was a large amount of continuity errors and quality issues with the original zQuest. While I like the universe it established I believe that the narrative was poorly portrayed from the beginning by a 15 year old smoking too much pot.
So now, on June 2nd, I will be launching zQuest: Multiverse a reboot of the original zQuest webcomic focusing on Kate, Autumn, Nicole and their quest to defeat Akitron. It will be a choose your own adventure narrative with many different outcomes and universes to explore.
Hopefully the 19 year old smoking pot won't ruin this one.

Happy 80th Birthday Jack Nicholson

posted on Saturday, April 22, 2017

Jack Torrance, the Joker, and much more! Happy birthday to a freaking legend! HERE'S JOHNNY!

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