⟐ dec 24 2018

merry christmas

Dec 24 2018

i'm sitting at newark airport right now connected to free wifi while i wait for my girlfriend nicole to come pick me up. im excited to be in new jersey again. ive been in a really good mood the past two weeks since my last blog post. i'm registered for next semesters classes and got my student loan taken out so i dont have to worry about paying the tuition out of pocket anymore. so now i'm more comfortable being on my vacation. nicole waited til the last minute to tell her family i was visiting which should be a pleasant surprise for her younger brother, even though her mom felt bad because she couldnt get me a gift in time.

being that its winter i had to pack a lot heavier than usual which did a number on my shoulders considering i just use a duffle bag and a backpack and carry both of them on. my flight was pretty crowded, every seat was taken and there were a lot of screaming children who did not appreciate having their devices taken away when it was fly time. it was pretty cute the way the staff interacted with the children though. one of the flight attendants was wearing christmas lights and they announced over the speaker that santa was flying nearby and then played bell sound effects. it was kinda cheesy, but it made me smile.

i just played smash bros the whole flight until the last 25 or so minutes when the air pressure got to my ears a bit and i had to take a break. i've been getting a lot better at the game and can really feel myself improving and learning the mechanics. it's extremely fun and addicting, and will make for a lot of cool videos i think. it's the precise reason i bought my elgato hd60 back in the spring when the game was announced. it'll be fun to play the game with nicole and her younger brother this week. i'm also excited to give nicole her christmas gifts. i'm sure it'll make her feel a lot better considering how upset she got about waiting to tell her parents.

nicole is 15 minutes away now though, so i'll wrap up this blog. i probably won't post on here again until after the new year. so yeah. merry christmas and all.