⟐ 16 nov 18

i left class early today because of a nose bleed. i couldnt make it not two minutes before it started. i went to the bathroom to try and deal with it but it went on for so long and was just nonstop so i went back to class grabbed my stuff and left. it sucks, because i didn't go to class last week but it's just english. i started off college only taking two classes not sure what it was going to be like and it's really not as much as i anticipated. my computer class has been annoying with the amount of assignments i have to do in the microsoft office suite but i've learned some things about programming and computers from the lectures.

i played a lot of fortnite today with gatysh in the morning. we got one win just from pure luck, and this is the second time that has happened where we just get lucky and set up a base which ends up getting us the win. but when he has to build fight on his own it usually doesn't end well. the food fight mode that was just added is probably my favorite LTM. it leads to a lot of good fights and is good practice. obviously it isnt a traditional battle royale win but it feels very deserved since most games are 12v12.

i got some new clothes for the winter today and actually got out of my house. it was in the high 20s low 30s and had snowed in the morning. very cold morning, winter is creeping up slowly. that's probably what ended up causing the nosebleed. i've had chronic nosebleeds since i was a kid but its usually made worse by dryness in the air. its fine though, we were only going to go over the last essay that is due for the semester and then work on the one that is due on sunday. since all the information is online i'm not missing out on anything, besides 25 points for a peer review. hopefully i do a good job on the essay. i'm going to be writing about why capitalism isn't a functional economic system. at least that's what i think right now. that might change if it proves to be too difficult.

too bad i can't even start on the essay because i'm up doing fucking microsoft access textbook projects. college is so lame sometimes. i hope that taking real programming classes will be more fun. i might even try to take some classes relating to web design and scripting so that i can hopefully improve the experience here at zeniea in the future. on the homepage i've mentioned a project i'm going to be working on soon and i hope if that goes well that i can continue to optimize the site and improve it without the help of anyone else. i love flashwave but he's got a lot he works on his own time and the ideas i have for zeniea are very demanding of him.

i'm going to try to use this blog to keep me from going insane through the winter. there's always so much noise in my head, so i think just to vent is nice sometimes, even though i usually go back to my blog posts a couple months down the road and delete them. however i'd much rather start filling up the website with actual content. it makes me feel better.