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The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Open Source Engine + Multiplayer Servers

Page last updated: Jan 31 2019

Work in progress page detailing the OpenMW based Morrowind server running on Zeniea.

Feb 4 2019

So I operate primarily on a MacBook right now, which is the only platform TES3MP does not work for. So I'll either have to get Boot Camp, load up my Surface, or work with the developer of TES3MP to make the Mac version happen. Unfortunately, I don't believe I have the experience with programming required yet to really help out. I think I still wanna reach out to him and express my interest in making the program work for Mac. Eventually I will take a C++ class but until then my knowledge is probably of little use. I also need more experience with the more technical aspect of the Mac interface. I've been installing mods to my Morrowind installation and then playing the game in OpenMW recently.

TES3MP Zeniea Server