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posted Nov 12th, 2018 by Justin

If you've visited this site over the past few months you probably were pretty confused to see absolutely nothing here. Ever since Influx Labs shut down I decided to go icognito for a bit and step away from the website. I haven't had much to drive me creatively over the past few months. However, that will all be changing soon.

I'm currently in the process of writing the story for a new web series that will be featured here on Zeniea and become a focal point of the future activity on the site in the same way that zQuest was the main attraction for a few years. More details on that series will be made evident in the future.

In the meantime I'll be preparing the website for its implementation and will not be bothering with blocking anything off from public viewing, so if you stumble upon the site while its undergoing development feel free to explore and look around at what I'm working on. It's too much work to cover things up as you're working in my opinion anyway.

I'll soon be revamping the official Zeniea twitter account to post regular smaller updates to, once it is necessary.

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Secrets
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Oracle of Secrets is a complete overhaul of the original Link to the Past with seven new dungeons, new light and dark overworld, new story, new graphics, brand new items, new music, and much more! It has been in development since 2013. Features music from Potatotan and graphic work from SePH.

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Nov 16 2018: Added changelog.
Nov 12 2018: Changed nav bar icons and styling. Added spotlight to index.