Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Secrets
Oracle of Secrets is a complete overhaul of the original Link to the Past for the Super Nintendo.
Development began in 2013 and has been progressing in some form lately.
The game features several new aspects different from Link to the Past, such as:
  • ▲ Overhauled Light and Dark World.
  • ▲ Seven main dungeons and three sacred shrines (mini-dungeons)
  • ▲ Completely NEW items such as the Roc's Feather and Slingshot
  • ▲ Reworked items like the Ice Rod, Ocarina, and Gloves
  • ▲ New music tracks, OoT Lost Woods and Zelda 1 Dungeon Theme
  • ▲ New graphics, fresh menu, original story, lots of secrets and more!
The game includes a large amount of work created by prominent members in the Zelda3 rom hacking community over at Zeldix such as SePH, Conn, and Euclid. The game is made using several rom hacking tools created for Link to the Past. The primary one used for overworld and dungeon editing is known as Hyrule Magic.

Design of the overworld is done by myself with the usage of graphic sourced from past Zelda titles, SpritersResource, Zeldix community assets and abandoned Zelda hacks like Legends of Hyrule and Lyra Islands. Some areas from those hacks have been adjusted or ported over to this hack. Dungeons are entirely original designs by myself.

Changes in Detail

  • ▲ Link appears as he did in the Minish Cap (ghillie)
  • ▲ Ocean area requires combination to proceed (Euclid)
  • ▲ Pressing the L button during monologue allows it to be skipped (Conn)
  • ▲ Slingshot added as precursor to Bow&Arrow (Conn)
  • ▲ Force Boomerang added as final upgrade with Lv2 Sword Power and KO potential (Conn)
  • ▲ Goldstar added as upgrade to hookshot, works as ball and chain from Morning Star enemies (Conn)
  • ▲ Worn-Out Glove added as precursor to the Power Glove, only lifts one rock per screen (Conn)
  • ▲ Ice Rod freezes water, allowing it to be walked on with a slippery tile effect (Conn)

Release and Demo

There is no scheduled release right now, sorry! I'm in college. However, I'm willing to share a demo via IPS file that will allow you to patch your own Link to the Past rom that you legally obtained and try out the game in its current form. While beta testing and bug reporting is not required it is helpful, so if you find bugs you can submit them to me via my email.

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